Sphere, Cylinder, and Ball Grinding Machines

Centerless Form Grinding Machines for Balls, Spheres, and Cylindrical Components

Glebar developed ball grinding for the golf ball industry in the 1960s using centerless grinding fundamentals. The process was adapted to grind deodorant balls and other spherical or cylindrically shaped components. Glebar machines can grind most hard-to-turn materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and polypropylene. 


Glebar’s PG-912DG Enclosed Centerless Form Grinder uses a 12” wide work wheel and servo motors to reduce setup times, increase throughput, and maintain tighter tolerances.


The PG-9DHD Centerless Form Grinder is an adaptation of the Glebar workhorse, the PG-9BHD.


The PG-9BHD Centerless Form Grinder produces spherical or cylindrical components from pre form or rod in a range of materials, including rubber, ceramics, wood, plastic, glass, and Teflon® (PTFE).