PG-912DG: Enclosed Centerless Form Grinder

The PG-912DG Enclosed Centerless Form Grinder uses a 12″ wide work wheel and servo motors to reduce setup times, increase throughput, and maintain tighter tolerances. The enclosed design features a simple touch­ screen HMI, and remote connectivity and data collection. Combined, these functions help to generate more uptime and produce higher quality parts, something every manufacturer strives to attain.

Key Features

  • 12″ wide work wheel allows manufacturers to grind more parts per In testing, throughput increased throughput by as much as 30%.
  • Interlocks prevent opening the enclosure while the grinder is running.
  • Servo motors automatically adjust the oscillating regulating wheel to the pre-programmed position, reducing setup time.
  • Precise positioning maintains tight tolerances and improves sphericity. In testing, a Cpk two times greater than the existing process was achieved.
  • The thick granite machine bed provides enhanced rigidity, as well as thermal and vibratory stability, maintaining a high-quality part.
  • The machine software interface was developed to allow an unskilled operator to run multiple high precision machines simultaneously.
  • Automated feeding systems can be integrated at the top or side of the machine depending on the application.


  • Work Wheel Dimensions: 9″ (229mm) diameter x 12.625″ wide (321mm)
  • Work Wheel Power: 15HP (11kW)
  • Grinding Diameter Capacity Max: 4″ (102mm)
  • Grinding Diameter Capacity Min: 0.002″ (0.05mm)
  • lnfeed Rate: 0.01″-.4″/sec
  • Surface Feet: 5,780
  • Platform: Granite
  • Operational Mode: Plunge
  • Controller: Multi-axis
  • Electrical requirements: 480VAC, 3PH, 60Hz, 40A
  • Air requirements: 80-90PSI, 3CFM
  • Machine Footprint: 76.5″ x 48.25″ x 94″ (194cm x 123cm x 239cm)
  • Machine Weight: 3700Ibs (1678kg)