Centerless and Micro Grinders for Guidewire Manufacturing

Your Source for Guidewire Grinding

Recognized for improving process efficiency, reducing scrap rates, and creating safer work environments, Glebar has been a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered guidewire grinding machines for over 70 years meeting the needs of some of the largest medical companies in the world. 


Precisely grind medical guidewires with single or multiple tapers, paddles, and parabolic or other complex shapes on wires as small as 0.0005” with minimal operator interaction.  


Glebar can turnkey a seamless automation integration to increase throughput and efficiency featuring a wire feeder, cutter, and extractor. Typical Glebar installations have one operator running three or more machines because of the reliability of the automation and grinder performance. 


The Glebar P4K Gauging System is the fastest and most accurate profile metrology system available, scanning multiple single parts or one long part in one operation.

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The Glebar CAM.2 Micro Grinder is the perfect machine for grinding complex medical and small precision parts such as complex medical guidewires, radiuses, needle points, and non-linear shapes.


The Glebar GT-9AC Automated Guidewire Grinder excels at precision grinding of medical guidewires with multiple tapers, paddles, and parabolic shapes with speeds as fast as a centerless grinder.


The Glebar TF-9DHD Infeed/Throughfeed Centerless Grinder uses computer controls to grind both hard and soft materials including catheters, medical guidewires, and spinal cord stimulators.


The Glebar TF-9BHD Infeed/Throughfeed Centerless Grinder is a manual system capable of grinding both hard and soft materials including catheters, medical guidewires, and spinal cord stimulators.


The Glebar P4K Gauging System is the world’s fastest and most accurate profi le metrology system available for long parts or multiple short parts. It is the industry standard for measuring medical guidewires.


The Glebar GFS is a stand-alone device which can seamlessly connect and feed parts into existing third-party machines including swiss screw machines, manual grinding machines, and more.


The Glebar GSR-6 Guidewire Deburring Machine deburrs guidewires while automatically separating pass and fail parts and counting the number of wires processed.