CAM.2: Micro Grinder

The Glebar CAM.2 Micro Grinder is the perfect machine for grinding small, complex, precision medical applications such as complex medical guidewires, radiuses, needle points, and non-linear shapes. Previously unproduceable parts can be made easily, with minimal setup time, and with limited operator training. Glebar’s patented dual-carriage linear motor part feed system ensures that the position, speed, and rotation are under absolute control at all times controlling the grind with a high degree of diameter and length accuracy.

Key Features

  • Absolute control over the lengths and diameters.
  • 3D visualization of part and wheel shape.
  • Glebar P4K Gauging System available to feed diameter measurements to the control system for automatic size compensation.
  • Secondary Spindle Assembly can be used as a cutoff wheel to grind slots, angular slots, or generate sharp internal corners.
  • In-line grit blasting for marker bands or general abrasion.
  • OPC or OLE server connection to SCADA or other ERP and data management systems.
  • Collects production data and machine status in real-time.
  • Available Spool Feeder System feeds Nitinol and SLT wire from a spool and cuts the wire to length.
  • CNC work wheel dressing.
  • Variable part rotation speed.
  • 15” touchscreen HMI with underlying G-code control.
  • Fully customizable software.
  • Unlimited part/recipe library.
  • Available with CE Certification.
  • Remote connectivity simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Patented Multi-Axis Positioning System.
  • Continuous feed system.
  • Laser interferometer ensures sub-micron accuracy.
  • Software interface allows an unskilled operator to run multiple high precision machines simultaneously.
  • Available wheel balancing system.


  • Work Wheel Diameter: 12” (305mm)
  • Work Wheel Speed: variable up to 3,600 RPM; 11,000 SFPM (56 M/S)
  • Diameter Resolution: 0.1 μm (0.000004”)
  • Length Resolution: 0.1μm (0.000004”)
  • Incoming Stock Diameter Min: 0.005” (0.13mm)
  • Incoming Stock Diameter Max: 0.250” (6.35mm)
  • Minimum Grind Diameter: 0.0005” (0.013mm)
  • Machine Weight: 3,400 lbs
  • Machine Bed: 6” thick granite
  • Feeder lengths: 6’, 12.5’, 16’ (180cm, 380cm, 500cm)
  • Power: 380-400 VAC / 460-480 VAC, 3PH, 30 A, 50/60 Hz (Voltage Conversion Kit available for other voltages)
  • Air: 4CFM @ 80PSI
  • Machine Footprint: 58” x 45” x 86” (148 x 115 x 219cm)