June 20-24 Glebar will be exhibiting at the Tube & Wire Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany!

Glebar’s precision centerless, micro, and electrochemical grinding machines are used in the manufacturing of tubes and wires for the aerospace, automotive, medical, and mining and energy industries. All our solutions are designed to allow any trained worker to operate multiple pieces of Glebar equipment simultaneously and provide reliable OEE data. 


For applications requiring a burr-free cut or grind we recommend our line of Electrochemical Cutoff and Grinding (ECG) Machines. By combining abrasive grinding with electrochemical machining our machines can provide a stress free, low force cut or grind with no burrs and no metallurgical damage such as recast, heat affected zones, burning, or work hardening. Electrochemical grinders are commonly used in applications where the material is thin, fragile, and heat sensitive such as stainless steel and nitinol tubes.  


Our solutions extend beyond precision cutoff and grinding. By reviewing the entire production process, Glebar recommends ways to gain efficiencies leading to increased thruput, reduced downtime, and lower scrap rates. To minimize the number of manual touchpoints, our in-house technicians can integrate automated feeding systems, gantries, six-axis robots, and more. Our Customer Care team provides machine upgrades and support programs designed to increase efficiencies, support your supply chain, and increase uptime. 


Glebar can solve any tubing and wire cutoff or grinding challenge. For more information, complete the form below and visit us at the Tube & Wire Trade Fair!

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