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Select Components Ground on Glebar Machines

Let Glebar Develop a Custom Grinding Solution for You

Below is a sample of select components Glebar has ground over the years. Please contact us and send us your drawing for a personal consultation.

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Automotive Solenoid Spool
Automotive Valve Seat
Biomedical CT Scan Pellets
Bone Drill (Steinmann Pin)
Bone Screw
Carbide Gauge Pin
Carbide Rods (Tungsten)
Catalytic Converters
Ceramic Insulator Body for Lean Burn Engine
Ceramic Insulators For Powerlines
Ceramic Oxygen Sensor
Clipped Pin Nose Roller
Composite Spindle
Composite Spindles and Rods
Contact Lens Blanks
Cryogenic Insulators
Curtain Rod Fineals
Dental Endodontic File
Dental Fiber Posts
Disk Drive Pins
Fuel Injector Nozzle Valve
High-Performance Polymid Rod
Orthodontic Wire
Screw Driver Handles
Silicon Nitride Balls
Spark Plugs
Spinal Cord Stimulation Devices
Ultrasonic Titanium Wire
Welding Rods