MD&M West 2019: Glebar Focuses on the Medical and Aerospace Markets with its Automated Turnkey Precision Grinding Solutions

ANAHEIM, February 5-7, 2019 - As they enter their 67th year in business, New Jersey-based manufacturer of precisiongrinding machines, Glebar Company, is once again returning as exhibitors at North America's largest medical technology event, MD&M West (booth #2915).TURNKEY PRECISION GRINDING SOLUTIONSAddressing the demand to increase productivit...

ANAHEIM, February 5-7, 2019 – As they enter their 67th year in business, New Jersey-based manufacturer of precision
grinding machines, Glebar Company, is once again returning as exhibitors at North America’s largest medical technology event, MD&M West (booth #2915).


Addressing the demand to increase productivity while reducing costs, Glebar continues to reinvent their product
offerings, designing and developing “lights-out” centerless, micro, double disc and OD grinding systems which are capable of more than just grinding. From pre-inspection to final inspection and packaging, Glebar systems can be fitted with robots, setup reduction metrology and cleaning and drying stations providing a truly hands-off, turnkey solution for both high-production and low batch run grinding applications. Glebar’s goal is to make it easy for customers to fulfill their precision grinding requirements, with minimal operator intervention.


A wide range of high precision medical applications are machined on Glebar systems, which include, medical guidewires (CAM.2, GT-9AC, TF-9DHD), dental drills, nitinol tubing, catheters, asthma inhalers, arthroscopic shavers, CT scan pellets, bone drills (TF-9DHD, GT-610, GT-610 CNC, DD-7) and more. Since their inception in 1952, Glebar has been renowned for innovations in centerless and double disc grinding, keeping lockstep with increasing demand for more precision manufactured components for virtually every industry – including medical. Glebar machines are also capable of grinding aerospace components, such as titanium aerospace fasteners. They continue to manufacture their machines in the United States at their Ramsey, New Jersey facility. Select case studies can be found in the folder of the printed version of the press kit, or you can click here to view them on the company’s website.


Mark Kraus is the new Business Development Executive for Glebar’s medical business. Mark joined Glebar to focus on the creation of long-term value for Glebar and its customers, developing new markets, and cultivating new relationships in the medical industry. Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Mark has over 25 years of leadership experience in medical device product and business development, operations, quality assurance, supply chain, customer service, and
general management positions. He has led several companies through periods of significant product expansion and growth. Mark served as Vice President of Operations for Neometrics, which was recently acquired by Heraeus Medical Components in 2015, a privately held OEM guidewire design and manufacturing company. He was also Vice President
of operations for r4 Vascular, a privately held company focused on the development and commercialization of catheters and devices to serve the Vascular Access market and served as President of the Vascular Access and Delivery Systems business unit for Enpath Medical prior to being acquired by Greatbatch Medical.

Adam Cook, CEO of Glebar, states, “It’s an exciting time at Glebar and things are moving quickly. We booked our most
successful year on record, but we aren’t sitting back.” Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mark Bannayan adds, “Adding someone like Mark makes complete sense, as medical is one of our largest and growing markets; he’s clearly qualified and prepared to take Glebar to the next level.”


The GT-610 CNC Automated Precision Infeed/Thrufeed Grinding System

Application: 0Stainless Steel Pins

Able to hold extreme tolerances and fitted with a six-axis robot, cleaning, drying and gauging stations, Glebar’s
flagship GT-610 CNC will be on display at Glebar’s booth (#2915) this year. Built on a rigid composite base and now
offered with a 12” work wheel and super-precision twin-grip spindle, the system will be demonstrating the auto-infeed
grinding of Stainless-Steel Pins. This shape is a general representation of the many devices Glebar has come across in the orthopaedic, aerospace, automotive and molding industries. “This solution delivers to the customer a turnkey, one operation automated process with one of the industries smallest footprints,” states Robert Gleason, Vice President of
Engineering. He continues, “The composite base provides an extremely rigid and stable platform allowing a single pass
solution to achieve the required precision that customers have come to expect from us.” The GT-610’s two independent
slides (upper and lower), which control the regulating wheel and the work rest blade position, holding the part being ground in place, provide significantly easier and quicker set up than traditional methods. The multi-axis controller can position both grinding wheel slides to a resolution of 0.1 micron (0.000004”).

Application data: 

• Raw stock diameter .370
• Plunge grind complete in 1 operation
• .1563 diameter tolerance +/-.0002, diameter tolerance achieved +/-.00005
• .1875 diameter tolerance +/-.0005, diameter tolerance achieved +/-.0002
• Roundness specification .00005, roundness achieved .000035
• Concentricity specification .001, concentricity achieved .0005
• Cycle time: part to part 93 seconds

The GT-610 CNC can also process other medical and aerospace components such as Asthma Inhaler Valves,
Arthroscopic Shavers and Aerospace Fasteners to name a few.


Glebar Advanced Analytics is a cloud-based machine monitoring solution Glebar recently rolled out in Chicago at IMTS 2018. Delivering actionable real-time data, the solution allows the user to make cost-saving and capacity decisions remotely on their smart device or computer. It interprets and synthesizes the data and delivers actionable real-time analytics on easy-to-read dashboards, allowing operators and managers to reduce scrap and increase machine
capacity. Learn more at


CAM.2 Micro Grinding System – combines the latest in multi-axis servo motor control, submicron positioning, and an
intuitive HMI touchscreen interface to offer unmatched performance in grinding medical guidewires, dental parts, and small complexed precision parts for various industries.

GT-9AC Advanced Guidewire System – designed to grind medical guidewires with multiple tapers, paddles, and even parabolic shapes, with the ability to update the position of the wire every 0.00025″ (0.006 mm).

TF-9DHD CenterlessInfeed/Thrufeed Machine – grinds both hard and soft materials from 1” and under in diameter. The TF-9DHD is utilized to grind catheter and nitinol tubing, guide wires, pins, bushings, Teflon, plastics, ceramics and other engineered materials.

GT-610 Infeed/Thrufeed CenterlessGrinding System – like the GT-610 CNC, this machine also maintains a small footprint and is versatile. It can be fitted for full automation capable of turnkey operation, grinding components such as
arthroscopic shavers, bone screws, endodontic files, CT-Scan radiotracers, orthodontic wires, fiber posts, and more.

P4K Metrology System – as a setup reduction device (for the GT-610 CNC), the P4K scans and provides feedback of
the entire component geometry for all parts in a cycle to automatically correct the grinding wheel dress shape (correcting the wheel dress shape from any measurement device is patent-pending). This is done in a matter of seconds, drastically reducing setup time and improving quality control. For other compatible Glebar machines, (GT-610, GT-610 SD, CAM.2 and GT-9AC) the P4K serves as a closed-loop quality control device that feeds back diameter to the control system for automatic size compensation for components such as titanium fasteners, arthroscopic shavers and medical guidewires.

GFS Standalone Feeding System – designed to feed long products, such as Guidewires, Catheter Bodies, Metal Tubing
and many other products to other process devices. It is a stand-alone device which can seamlessly connect and feed
parts into existing third-party machines including, swiss screw machines, other manual machines, etc.

Request More Information:

For more information about Glebar’s products and automation capabilities for the medical industry, and/or if you wish to setup a one-on-one booth meeting, please contact Vito Barbiera, Communications Manager at 201-644-2046 or by email at

Machine information, case studies and videos can also be found on the company’s website at

About Glebar:

Founded in 1952, Glebar Company ( is an innovative, vertically integrated manufacturing company that designs and configures its standard platform of modular machine systems – from an affordable job shop machine to fully automated, lights-out grinding packages – to provide custom solutions focused on process improvement and margin enhancement, maximizing a customer’s return on investment. Glebar serves companies in many markets, from medical and metals to automotive and aerospace. Its machines are all made in the U.S.A. to the highest quality standards and are backed by a 24/7 customer service operation, serving customers all over the globe. Glebar machines are known for their precision, longevity, flexibility and efficiency.

, MD&M West 2019: Glebar Focuses on the Medical and Aerospace Markets with its Automated Turnkey Precision Grinding Solutions