Glebar Advanced Analytics

Glebar’s next step in its journey into IIoT. This solution will help to revolutionize machine and industrial automation as we know it.

Increase Uptime

Getting the most out of your machine is the ultimate goal for manufacturers. Increasing uptime is a challenge that Glebar Advanced Analytics can help solve. A slowdown in operations can happen due to many reasons such as maintenance, machine tool malfunctions, corrections or even too many employee breaks. Our tool can help you proactively control such issues to get the most out of your investment and the best OEE.

What is OEE?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness is made up of 3 basic components:

  • Availability

  • Performance

  • Quality

Of the three, Availability is perhaps the most important. You must gauge it to reduce downtime. To determine a machine’s or cell’s Availability; Glebar Advanced Analytics gathers and calculates downtime by utilizing using notifications and other alerts directly from the controls or PLCs on the equipment. GAA can also enhance this information with data received from operators or managers.

You Must Track if You Wish to Increase Uptime

Even short interruptions or micro stoppages add up. These would not normally be recorded by the operator, for example if a minor adjustment needed to be made that took less 7 minutes. However, if that happens 4 or 5 times a day, well, you do the math…

With Glebar Advanced Analyics, you’ll gain machine operation insights at many different data points across your entire floor operations.

Pareto Charts

Glebar Advanced Analytics features turnkey Pareto Charts to help you identify the most of downtime cases.

Example of a Pareto Chart

As this example indicates, you can see that Shift Cleaning comprises the majority of the time, however End of Shift Cleaning is a requirement, so eliminating this step would not be feasible. Let’s look closer.


Reduce Downtime – Details by Reason

Notice the amount of short stops Dial Ins? Identifying and cutting both of these problems would give us back 86 minutes of production time!

Top Downtime Occurrences


We can dig deeper into the data by identifying each downtime occurrence to see how long they are. Also, the operator or manager can view related comments to glean additional insight into these problems.

Spot Trends in Downtime and Uptime

Using trends, you can easily see the results of process or system differences over a long period of time. Glebar Advanced Analytics tracks trends and displays uptime and downtime rates so you can take proactive measures to fix any issues.


In summary, Glebar Advanced Analytics allows manufacturing companies to collect and analyze data in a way that could not be achieved in the past. Real-time data removes the need for manual Excel sheets and clunky methods, letting the operator and managers spend more time on quickly identifying and fixing issues which slow down operations.


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