Work Wheel Variable Speed Control Inverter


Current Process

Super-abrasive grinding wheels require faster speeds to run effectively. Main machine spindles can have fixed speeds, limiting their ability to use CBN or Diamond grinding wheels. A fixed speed can cause belt squeal and added stress on the spindle. When the wheel stops, inertia allows it to continue spinning for minutes, especially with heavier wheels, delaying the start of the next job.


Dynamic spindle speed adjustment enabling work wheel rotation at higher speeds using super-abrasive grinding wheels. Provide the upgrade in real-time without having to ship the machine back to the factory for an upgrade.

Solution: Work wheel variable speed control inverter. Available on Glebar’s GT-9AC and TF-9DHD.

Allows the operator to vary the work wheel RPM to optimize cutting action. Ramp up and ramp down time is controlled for a smoother start and faster stopping. The inverter upgrade kit eliminates the need to ship the machine back to Glebar.

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, Work Wheel Variable Speed Control Inverter

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