Operational Excellence: By Mark Scanel, VP of Operations

Recently I have been given the great opportunity and challenge of managing our rapidly growing operation.  Glebar has been growing and innovating in many areas. Being an employee for almost ten years now, I have had the opportunity to watch such an interesting company grow and change from the inside out. With such an explosive demand for our
precision and centerless grinding solutions, so does the need to keep it organized. 

We have added new employees which are settling in.  We’ve added almost three times the capacity in some of our resource groups. Like all companies, Glebar is challenged with keeping the operation moving while training new employees. We have been lucky to have many long-term skilled employees that make this all possible. I hope in the coming weeks to share with you a lot of the things we are working on, from visual shop floor management to improved customer interactions during the build process.  But Glebar is a group of people and not just a name on the building.  No matter what techniques, strategies, or buzzwords we may use to explain our desire to grow and improve our products and operation, it only happens with the people we work with.

Until next time...