Glebar Service Contracts Mean More Than Just Support

At Glebar, we don't just build machines, ship them out and say goodbye. We consider each customer a partner and continue to support them long after the system is installed. 

Let’s highlight one of our customers overseas. Remote Diagnostics and 24/7 support is an integral part of maximizing their uptime and driving efficiency to accommodate their large install base and around the clock shifts. 

I asked Glebar’s Technical Services Manager, Mike Mainardi, pictured (above), how long they have had a Service Contract with us. “This is the third year. They’ve been a customer of ours for well over a decade. As they’ve grown, we’ve grown with them and we now support them with our Platinum package.   

According to Mike, there are many things that are of value to the customer as it pertains to the Platinum service contract: ·        

  • Covered Replacement Parts – (not consumables)
  • Unlimited Technical Service Support & Access to 24 Hour Support 
  • On-Site Health Checks – full inspection of machine systems (twice a year)
  • Training & Application Development       
  • Ability to respond real time

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