DD-7: Double Disk Grinder

The Glebar DD-7 Double Disk Grinder has the smallest footprint of any double-disk grinder on the market. It is designed for grinding small components, accurately controlling their length and perpendicularity. Customizable interface software can meet your production requirements encompassing controls for all peripheral attachments such as robots and bowl feeders. The DD-7 can be configured in three fixturing modes depending on the shape of the part and the degree of automation required. Common applications include printed circuit board drill blanks, carbide pins, ceramic blocks, alumina tubes, and roller bearings for the aerospace, automotive, medical, metals, and mining markets.

Key Features

  • 3 Fixturing Modes: Vertical (Carriage), Thrufeed, or Precision Fixture
  • Intuitive touch screen HMI allows an unskilled operator to run multiple high-precision machines simultaneously.
  • Gauging integration for precise quality.
  • Conveyor integration.
  • Fully customizable to your application.
  • Full turnkey automation integration available including feeders, robots, pick/place gantry, gauging, cleaning, and sorting assemblies.
  • Remote connectivity simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Brushless servo motors provide a faster and more precise way of moving the slides.
  • Servo-driven, closed-looped drive offer’s a high degree of control.
  • Available brake dresser with diamond roll.
  • Efficient design can grind 5,000 carbide drill blanks per hour.


  • Grinding Diameter Capacity: Min 0.031” (0.8mm) – Max 0.500” (13mm)
  • Work Wheel Diameter: Two 7“ (178mm) wheels or Two 10” (254mm) wheels
  • Grinding Diameter Stock: Min 0.031” (0.8mm) – Max 0.500” (13mm) (application dependent)
  • Work Wheel Power: 2 x 3HP (2.2kW)
  • Work Wheel RPM: 3,450
  • Work Wheel Width: 1” (25mm)
  • Machine Weight: 5,500 lbs
  • Grinding Length Stock: 5” (12.7cm)
  • Machine Footprint: 89” x 53” x 78” (226 x 135 x 198cm)
  • Power: 480VAC, 60Hz, 35A
  • Air: 4CFM @ 80PSI
  • Machine Bed: 6” Thick Granite