Glebar Returns to IMTS with a Focus on Automation, Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), and New Machine Solutions for the GT-610 Series

RAMSEY, NJ – Glebar Company, manufacturer of turnkey precision grinding solutions, is excited to be returning to Chicago as exhibitors at North America's largest manufacturers exposition, IMTS. Glebar will be at booth #237307. In addition to displaying their latest innovations in metrology integration and automation, the company will be rolling o...

RAMSEY, NJ – Glebar Company, manufacturer of turnkey precision grinding solutions, is excited to be returning to Chicago as exhibitors at North America’s largest manufacturers exposition, IMTS. Glebar will be at booth #237307. In addition to displaying their latest innovations in metrology integration and automation, the company will be rolling out two new products. First, Glebar jumps into Industry 4.0 by introducing “Glebar Advanced Analytics,” a cloud-based machine monitoring solution with actionable real-time data allowing the user to make cost-saving and capacity decisions remotely on their smart device or computer. The second offering is the new GT-610 EZ Infeed/Thrufeed Centerless Grinder. A lean version of the GT-610, the GT-610 EZ brings slide motion control to the operator at an affordable price point, while offering more machine for the money than the competition for products in a similar class. Like the GT-610, the GT-610 EZ is built standard on a granite bed for reduced vibration and thermal stability. 

They’re also introducing two product enhancements to their flagship GT-610 Series of centerless grinders. The first enhancement is an available 12” diameter work wheel on the GT-610 CNC Infeed/Thrufeed Automated Grinder configured with a true ABEC 7 twin-grip work wheel spindle design for increased rigidity, faster component processing speed and the ability to grind larger diameter parts. The second is an available Variable Frequency Drive on the work wheel spindle for increased wheel surface feet when running super-abrasives such as vitrified CBN. This is available for the Glebar GT-610 Series of Infeed/Thrufeed machines, as well as the Glebar GT-9AC machine, used for grinding medical guidewires.

New Product: Glebar Advanced Analytics 

Glebar Advanced Analytics is a cloud-based solution which collects data from Glebar and other machine tools and communicates via MTConnect® OPC UA or a wide variety of machine to machine protocols without having to tie into a customer’s network. It interprets and synthesizes the data and delivers actionable real-time analytics on easy-to-read dashboards, allowing operators and managers to reduce scrap and increase machine capacity, uptime and output. 

Glebar has used OPC on its machines for many years. Now the company is adopting and leveraging the MTConnect® standard together with a custom software solution allowing customers to achieve a complete digital integration of their factory floor to further improve their operational efficiency using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

“Glebar Advanced Analytics is Glebar’s next step in its journey into IIoT. This solution will help to revolutionize machine and industrial automation as we know it.” states Adam Cook, CEO of Glebar. He continues, “Glebar is now a part of Industry 4.0, and as result, our customers will be more efficient by using this product.” 

Glebar Advanced Analytics includes the most commonly used KPIs like OEE, Quality, and Performance. The KPIs and role-based templates allows for quick start up and lets the operator realize process advantages fast. Dashboards are setup and displayed simply focused by employee role showing the user what is important without overloading them with data. Employees at any level can use the product. In addition to MTConnect® and OPC UA, Glebar Advanced Analytics also supports 100+ different protocols, used by virtually every machine in the manufacturing industry, such as Modbus, Profinet, OPC/UA and many more. The system is plug-and-play right out of the box so connecting with historians, process controllers, or PLCs is fast. It is offered as part of a complete grinding and/or gauging solution and as a stand-alone product for all machine tools in your plant, offering a completely integrated one-stop shop solution. 

Lastly, Glebar can use this protocol to offer even more as part of our service offerings, including real time monitoring to predict failures, tool wear and maximizing uptime and process efficiency. 

For more information regarding Glebar Advanced Analytics, please visit: 

New Product: Glebar’s GT-610 EZ Thrufeed/Infeed Centerless Grinder 

Built on a granite bed (like the GT-610), the GT-610 EZ is the newest addition to the GT Series Centerless Grinder suite. This system excels at thrufeed grinding hard materials such as steel, carbide, pcd inserts and technical ceramics. Slide positioning allows for precise diameter control on close-tolerance components. The machine is also capable of gauge feedback for even more precise diameter control. “What makes this machine unique is that while it maintains its small footprint, it still provides a high-end GT-Series type performance and output all at a competitive price point.” States Sean Riess, Machine and Technical Sales Manager for Glebar. 

For more information regarding the GT-610 EZ, please visit Glebar on Display at IMTS (Booth #237307) 

1. GT-610 CNC High Precision Automated Infeed Centerless Grinding System with 12” Diameter Work Wheel and Six Axis Fanuc Robot setup for grinding Metal Spools. 

2. Automated GT-610 Thrufeed Centerless Grinding System setup for grinding Pinion Shafts. 

3. DD-7 Double Disc Grinding System setup for grinding Steel Punches using a 6 axis Fanuc robot loader and integrated vision system programmed to locate and place parts into the machine 

4. P4K Setup Reduction Metrology System setup for measuring multiple features of Titanium Fasteners (6 at a time). As a setup reduction device (for the GT-610 CNC), the P4K scans and provides feedback of the entire component geometry for all parts in a cycle to automatically correct the grinding wheel dress shape (correcting the wheel dress shape from any measurement device is patent-pending). This is done in a matter of seconds, drastically reducing setup time and improving quality control. For other compatible Glebar machines, (GT-610, GT-610 SD, CAM.2 and GT-9AC) the P4K serves as a closed-loop quality control device that feeds back diameter to the control system for automatic size compensation. From titanium fasteners to medical guidewires, the P4K system has you covered. 

5. Glebar Advanced Analytics will be running on our machines communicating real time actionable analytics. 

6. Distributed IO (input/output) on all Showcased Machine Controls – This simplifies remote trouble shooting, maintenance and I/O management. This is done by using EtherCAT®, by and large the fastest Industrial Ethernet technology, but it also synchronizes with nanosecond accuracy. We have been using Ethernet for 18 years and EtherCAT®, for over 4 years. 

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About Glebar 

Glebar has been a global leader and innovator in the precision grinding industry for over 65 years. Glebar’s versatile suite of precision grinding machines and automated turnkey grinding systems can process a multitude of materials for end-use applications found in virtually any industry or home around the world. The Company’s manufacturing, research and development takes place at its headquarters located in Ramsey, New Jersey. Glebar’s machines are well represented across all industries around the globe. The company manufactures machines such as double disc grinders, form grinders, OD grinders, micro grinders, gauging systems and infeed/thrufeed centerless grinders. Glebar serves companies across many market segments including medical, metals, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and mining; our machines are known for their precision, longevity, flexibility and efficiency. 

Glebar is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and is ANAB Accredited. Our Certificate can be found in the folder of the press kit. 

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