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The arthroscopic shaver teeth are commonly produced by conventional abrasive grinding, wire EDM, or laser cutting; slow processes resulting in long cycle times. EDM and laser cutting burn away the metal at high temperatures leaving changes to the metal surface including a heat affected zone, recast, and slag. Laser cutting requires significant post processing to produce an acceptable sharp edge and surface finish. Conventional grinding requires a secondary process of deburring without damaging the cutting edge. It also involves frequent wheel dressing to maintain the correct form.

Design a process that can cut shaver teeth burr free, without recast, slag, or heat damage that improves cycle times.


Solution: Tridex Technology Burr Free Electrochemical Surface Grinders SG-1645 and SG-2060


Electrochemical grinding provides a burr-free grind for applications with tight tolerances and heat sensitivity. Curved shaver teeth are ground individually, whereas straight cut shaver teeth can be stacked up to 30 parts at a time with typical cycle times of 10 seconds per piece. Each machine features CNC controls and high precision components for high accuracy and repeatability. Optional pallet loader features a 180 degree index table allowing parts to be loaded during the grinding operation reducing loading time to almost zero, maximizing productivity.

  • Provides a burr-free cut in one pass with no heat affected zone, recast layer, or work hardening of the material.
  • The ECG technology can cut full depth in one pass requiring less wheel dressing with wheel life lasting up to 20x longer.
  • Electronic interlocks, safety rated servos and pneumatics are used to achieve CE and ISO 13849 Safety Certifications.