Thermal Bonding Machine

Robust and stable thermal bonding machine designed to provide the user with an effective and reliable production machine for bonding all sorts of balloon and catheter components with minimal cost of ownership. 

The BT-NG machine is a thermal bonding machine based on the hot-jaw principle. It incorporates 25 years of experience with the thermal bonding process. The small stainless steel dies used in the machines have accurate temperature control and heat up very fast. 

The BT-NG has a maximum of four cavities that can be utilized at two different temperatures. The cavity position is software controlled. 

The dies and closing gripper are mounted in an exchangeable unit. This allows for very fast switching between dies by replacing this unit with another unit with a different set of dies. Alignment is accurate, and therefore, the machine can be operational again in seconds. The unit has a fully automated plug-in system, so no more manual plugging of the unit is required. 

A small camera allows the operator easy and repeatable alignment. The camera image is projected on the user interface. Horizontal and vertical crosshairs can be added to aid in the alignment. 

The machine is recipe-controlled, and temperatures, welding times, crosshair positions, colors, and more are part of the recipe. 

The machine can be optionally equipped with a servo-pneumatic axial compression unit. This allows for the application of a small axial force (max. 10N) during the welding process to aid in reflow. This unit can be mounted on either side of the machine (specify on ordering).

Key Features

  • 10” color touch panel interface with parameter setting and recipe control 
  • Standard color camera with recipe driven crosshair options for easy alignment of the products by the operator
  • Quick exchange die-unit for easy switching between various products 
  • Stepper position controlled die unit for recipe driven alignment and fast positioning setup

Technical Specs

Die system 

Two split die sets with quick exchange units 

Maximum temperature 


Number of cavities 

Max 5 with software controlled X positioning 

Temperature zones 

4 temperature zones 

Product handling 

Product fixed on a table with interchangeable inlays and clamps 

Product alignment 

Optical with the aid of color video camera and max. 20 software crosshairs (both horizontal and vertical) 

Axial compression 

Optional axial compression unit providing max. 10N of axial pressure during the welding (at proximal or distal side) 

Air cooling 

Air cooling to allow for fast cooling of the welded product 


10” colour touch panel 

Control software 

Recipe based with software positioning of the dies 

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator) 

Remote support option 





Required air pressure 

7 bar minimum 

Power supply 

115 / 240VAC / 0.5kW