GT-610M: Thrufeed Centerless Grinder

Built for the machine shop, the GT-610M Thrufeed Centerless Grinder is an affordable, compact, precision centerless thrufeed grinding machine. Featuring its 8-5/8″ wide x 10″ diameter work wheel, it can remove more material faster, and with better surface finishes, than competing machines with narrower grinding wheels.

Key Features

  • Can grind spool valves, bar stock, pins, bushings, metals, hard and green ceramics, and other engineered materials, with a smaller footprint than competing machines.
  • The GT-610M includes independent upper and lower slides, and a blade height ramp system for finite blade adjustment.
  • Tooled to grind materials ranging from hard carbide, and titanium bar stock to polymers and everything in between.
  • The system’s two independent slides, which control the regulating wheel and the blade that holds the part being ground in place, provide a significantly easier setup than competing systems.
  • A twin grip super precision spindle and an 8-5/8″ wide work wheel in a compact footprint make this the ideal machine shop solution.


  • Regulating Wheel Dimensions: 6″ diameter x 10″ wide
  • Regulating Wheel Power: 2HP (1.5kW)
  • Regulating Wheel RPM: 10-200
  • Work Wheel Dimensions: 10″ (254mm) diameter x 8-5/8″ wide (219mm); 6400 Surface Feet
  • Work Wheel Power: 15HP (11 kW)
  • Work Wheel RPM: 2500
  • Grinding Diameter Capacity Max:         1-1/2″ (38mm)
  • Grinding Diameter Capacity Min: 0.002″ (0.05mm)
  • Roundness: Better than 0.00005″ (1.27 microns)
  • Electrical requirements: 480VAC, 60Hz, 3Ph, 60A
  • Air requirements: 80PSI, 1 CFM
  • Machine Footprint: 42″x52″x55″ (107cm x 132cm x 140cm)
  • Machine Weight: 2000 lbs. (907kg)