, Catheter Liner Stretchers

CT Stretcher

The CT Stretcher system is built to stretch PTFE liners over your built mandrel. The system is built to assemble the liner on the built mandrel, twist the end to secure and load into the machine. The unit pulls the liner so that it will stretch to the mandrel.


The CT Stretcher eliminates overstretching thereby removing “the etch” and setting the material tight against the mandrel. It improves operator control and overall production results and uses a simple one-step method to heat and weigh the system. Guides are implement to move around the tube segment and avoid any defects or inadequacies in the final product. This process is automated and allows for fuller control and a greater capacity by the operator to improve overall output. This system has proven to provide excellent results, virtually eliminating delamination problems and decreasing operator involvement in the overall process.


  • CT Stretcher can be applied to Cath-Tech family products, specifically the CT Reflow Chamber and CT Reflow Clam.
  • Customized sizes also available.
  • Heat Controls
  • Adjustable chuck assembly loading heights
  • Gripper assembly
  • Software drive with touch screen interface