CAM SXE to CAM.2 Upgrade

CAM SXE was the earliest CAM machine produced by Glebar in 2001. It utilizes controls which were state of the art for 2001, but limited in function for today’s requirements and are approaching the end of their life. Essential motion functions including axis rotation of the collets and stability of the Y slide feed will deteriorate or are already deteriorating requiring costly upgrades and prolonged downtime. Grinding flats and balls requires additional axial movement requiring a skilled mechanic, adding steps to the production process.


Glebar recognized the need to deliver a cost-effective solution to modernize the machine. The controls and essentail functions would need to be upgraded to avoid excessive downtime caused by outdated and deteroriated parts.


By trading in the CAM SXE for a CAM.2, customers will have a brand new CAM machine with the latest updates already installed. The CAM.2 uses a high-performance multi-axis control system which is simpler to maintain. Internet Connectivity allows for remote monitoring, software upgrades, and diagnostics. The CAM.2 provides better handling of arcs, flats, and balls using simpler programming methods.


Setup information, such as wheel type, can be saved in a part file to ease machine setup. A Windows 10 Operating System is installed, providing the latest security updates to prevent a cyber attack. The work wheel can be dressed using programmable cycles initiated from the HMI increasing productivity and allowing an operator to quickly dress the wheel without opening the safety enclosure. A redesigned robust CNC dresser can dress a wider variety of super abrasives such as CBN and Vitrified diamond. Improved balancing of the collet pulleys and shaft assembly allows for collet speeds up to 100 revolutions per second with minimum vibration, improving surface finish on certain diameter parts.

, CAM SXE to CAM.2 Upgrade

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