About Us

Made in the USA, Since 1952

Glebar machines do much more than just grind  we provide a complete solution. Starting with our modular machine platforms, we can configure our machine solutions to be designed with differentiated customization. Our systems can be fitted with robots, cleaning and drying stations, feeders, packaging, conveyors, eddy current systems and quality control features to provide a truly hands-off, turnkey solution for grinding applications that demand ultimate precision. Additionally, OPC interfacing (with MTConnect™) to supervisory plant controls is also available to gather production data and track maintenance and critical operational statistics.  – Click here to view a video demonstrating Glebar's Automation Capabilities.

Glebar provides Turnkey Solutions for virtually any precision grinding need – for virtually any industry, across the globe.

You can go almost anywhere and find something made on a Glebar machine.

A Long History of Innovation

Founded in 1952 by Miner Gleason and Robert Barhorst, Glebar was established to manufacture machine tools based on the principles of centerless grinding. Located in Ramsey in Northern New Jersey, Glebar has supplied its customers with custom solutions incorporating the latest technology, and equipment that provides an efficient and controlled manufacturing process. Click here to view our Timeline.

Over half a century in operation, Glebar has helped customers to drastically improve throughput, while enhancing the quality of their products and the efficiency of their operations. Glebar's innovations have replaced alternative technologies such as lathes, OD grinders, and Blanchard grinders, with precision, high-volume production turnkey systems. We collaborate with our customers to integrate our systems into their processes, and effectively streamline their production.

Over the years, Glebar has designed and manufactured an array of machine tools for its customers: centerless grinders, form grinders, gauging systems dressing machines and other microgrinding systems. Contact us and we’ll design and build a complete process solution tailored to your specific need.

Continuous Process Improvement

What Glebar does is more than simply adding a piece of capital equipment to replace an old machine or take on a new project.

// The Glebar Advantage focuses on working closely with our customers to drive their bottom line by improving current processes and saving time and money.