As we enter our 67th year in business, we're excited to be continuing to innovate for the medical and aerspace industries.

A wide range of medical applications are machined on Glebar’s systems, which include, medical guidewires (CAM.2, GT-9AC, TF-9DHD), dental components, catheters, asthma inhalers, arthroscopic shavers, CT scan pellets, bone drills (TF-9DHD, GT-610, GT-610 CNC, DD-7) and more. Since our inception in 1952, Glebar has been renowned for innovations in centerless and double disc grinding, keeping lockstep with increasing demand for more precision manufactured components for virtually every industry – including medical. We continue to manufacture our machines in the United States at our Ramsey, New Jersey facility.

Addressing the demand to increase productivity while reducing costs, we continue to reinvent our product offerings, designing and developing “lights-out” systems which are capable of more than just grinding. From pre-inspection to final inspection and packaging, Glebar systems can be fitted with robots, setup reduction metrology and cleaning and drying stations providing a truly hands-off, turnkey solution for both high-production and low batch run grinding applications. Glebar’s goal is to make it easy for customers to fulfill their precision grinding requirements, with minimal operator intervention.

NEW PRODUCT:  Glebar Advanced Analytics is a cloud-based machine monitoring solution with actionable real-time data allowing the user to make cost-saving and capacity decisions remotely on their smart device or computer. It interprets and synthesizes the data and delivers actionable real-time analytics on easy-to-read dashboards, allowing operators and managers to reduce scrap and increase machine capacity, uptime and output.


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