Technical & Engineering Updates

  • 12" Work Wheel with Cantilver Spindle Design for GT-610 CNC.
  • Upgraded Servo Motors for wheel dressers on GT-610 and DD-7.
  • Granite Beds with Enclosure for GT-610 and DD-7.
  • 10" HMI Touchscreen Controls for GT-610 and DD-7.
  • Patent-pending fully programmable Movable Workrest axis for grinding shoulders and qualifying part length.
  • P4K feedback to automatically adjust dress shape on GT-610 CNC.
  • Dynamic work wheel balancing added to GT-9AC.
  • Mineral cast base introduced for GT-610 CNC and GT-610-SD. Superior vibration dampening and thermal stability.
  • Robot integration available for DD-7, GT-610 CNC, and many more
  • New Spool Direct system to feed spinning material directly from a spool to the CAM2.
  • GSR-6 Wire Deburring System for guidewire with integral vision system introduced.
  • GT-610CNC and GT-610SD machines offer super high rigidity roller guides and high precision angular contact ABEC 7 bearings on the regulating wheel spindle.
  • Automatic blade touch off developed for the GT-9AC.
  • New vision attachment for the CAM2.
  • CE approved enclosures available for PG & TF machines.
  • Spool Feeder for SLT stainless on the CAM2.
  • Added capability to grind proximal and distal ends in a single operation on the GT-9AC.
  • Implementation of 6-axis robotics to GT-610 CNC to automatically load, clean, and measure parts.
  • Grit blasting attachment to CAM2 for in process blasting of parts with a high level of accuracy.
  • Secondary Spindle for CAM2 to expand the growing list of capabilities.
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