Glebar Team
Sales & Business Development


Mark Bannayan
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mark Bannayan is our Vice President of Sales and Marketing and holds a BS degree in Economics from Northeastern University.  In his 20 years at Glebar, he has helped with production management and been a vital part of the Sales team, marketing our trade shows worldwide and leading our international sales.  Mark implemented ISO-9001 and got Glebar certified in 3 months.  Before Glebar, Mark was a part of the United Nation Development Program in the Middle East and was an Account Analyst for Boston Financial Data Services.  He is a musician, enjoys trekking, and speaks 5 languages.   Click here to find your representative by territory.  Email Mark at


Mark Kraus
Business Development Executive (Medical)

Mark Kraus is our Business Development Executive (Medical). Mark joined Glebar to focus on the creation of long-term value for Glebar and its customers, developing new markets, and cultivating new relationships in the medical industry. Based in the Twin Cities of MN, Mark has over 25+ years of leadership experience in medical device product and business development, operations, quality assurance, supply chain, customer service, and general management positions, leading several companies through periods of significant product expansion and growth. Mark served as VP of Operations for Neometrics (Neometrics was acquired by Heraeus Medical Components in 2015), a privately held OEM guidewire design and manufacturing company, r4 Vascular, a privately held company focused on the development and commercialization of catheters and devices to serve the Vascular Access market, and the President of the Vascular Access and Delivery Systems business unit for Enpath Medical prior to being acquired by Greatbatch Medical.  Mark has specific responsibility for medical opportunities in the Minnesota and Wisconsin market, but will be an integral part of driving our medical business development efforts worldwide. Mark has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is spare time enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf. Click here to find your representative by territory.  Email Mark at


Anthony Pickering
Regional Sales Manager

Anthony Pickering is a Regional Sales Manager.  Anthony brings vast experience in Manufacturing Technology and Machine Solution Sales. Anthony brings a proven track record and high level of industry knowledge that will serve Glebar’s customer base very well. His engineering background and expertise of production machining, component analysis, and automation allows for a proactive consultative sales approach which will translate successful project completion and satisfaction. Anthony is based in Michigan. In his spare time he enjoys golf, travel and spending time with his 2 daughtersClick here to find your representative by territory. Email Anthony at


Kathleen Haddad
Sales Support Specialist

Kathleen Haddad is our Sales Support Specialist and has been with Glebar since 2015. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Montclair State University. During her time with Glebar, Kathleen has worn many hats working across the Accounting, Sales, and Marketing departments, supporting the CEO, VP of Sales and Marketing and CFO. She also manages all of the tradeshows and events for the company. When she is not at work, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her friends and family.  Click here to find your representative by territory.  Email Kathleen at

Executive Management


Adam Cook
Chairman & CEO
(201) 644-9922

Adam Cook was appointed President of Glebar in April of 2013 and now serves as Chairman and CEO.  Adam holds a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island.  Before joining Glebar, he advised companies, including industrial and manufacturing businesses, on many fronts.  Most recently, he was the Head of Investment Banking for Phoenix Capital Resources, a national boutique focused on middle market mergers and acquisitions and private placement transactions.  In 2012, Adam was awarded the distinguished “40 Under 40” Award from the M&A Advisor.  His prior experience in advising both domestic and cross-border industrial and manufacturing companies complements the experience of the rest of the Executive Management team at Glebar, while positioning the company for future growth and continued innovation.  When away from work, Adam enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife and two young daughters.  Email Adam at


John Bannayan
(201) 644-2030

John Bannayan, President of Glebar, holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a BS in Engineering with a BA in Computer Science from Pacific Lutheran University. John is instrumental in driving Glebars product development efforts. He has earned several patents over the years relating to automation and machine controls. With 27 years at the company, he was integral in reconfiguring the company’s internal business processes early on and has held several management positions ranging from production management to financial controls to operations, and has been executive Vice President since 2001. When he is not obsessing about Glebar's capability and relevance in the market, he enjoys anything to do with technology, culture, and travel, and dabbles in cooking.  Email John at


Christian Sanafria
(201) 644-9917

Christian Sanafria is our CFO and has been with Glebar for almost three years. Originally from Ecuador, he has his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Politécnica Salesiana University and over 15 years of experience working with manufacturing companies in 3 different countries.  In his free time, Christian serves as a musician in his local church and enjoys time with his wife and 4 daughters. Email Christian at



Robert Gleason
Vice President of Engineering

Robert Gleason is our Vice President of Engineering and has been with Glebar for 34 years.  As the son of one of Glebar’s founders, he has been around Glebar his entire life, from sweeping floors to designing machines.  He has a BS in Industrial Technology from Ohio University with a minor in Education, and was certified to teach Industrial Arts.  Robert was instrumental in acquiring and implementing the first CNC machine in our machine shop and also pushed to get Engineering off the drawing board and onto CAD in the early 1980’s.  Robert holds several patents related to innovations in medical material handling and grinding.  When he’s not elevating Glebar’s technology and innovation to the next level, Robert enjoys cars of all sizes and speeds, and fine woodworking.  Email Robert at



Mark Scanel
VP, Operations
(201) 644-2028

Mark Scanel is the Vice President of Operations and has been with Glebar since 2008.  Prior to Glebar, he was a Field Engineer and Project Manager for a construction company while attending Fairleigh Dickenson University.  Over his six years at Glebar, Mark has worked in Assembly and Engineering, and now serves as the face of Glebar service to our customers worldwide.  He is also a fireman, world traveler, and father of three girls. Email Mark at

Customer Relations & Technical Services


Mike Mainardi
Technical Services Manager
201-644-9908 (Service Hotline) or 201-644-2035 (Direct)

Michael Mainardi is the Technical Service Manager and has been with Glebar since 2007.  Mike holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University. During his time with Glebar, Mike has worked in the Engineering and Technical Service departments, continuously striving to provide our customers with the top level service that they deserve. When he is not at work he enjoys traveling, fishing and spending time with his family at the beach.

After Market Sales Team


Sean Riess
Technical Sales Representative

Sean Riess is our Technical Sales Representative and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ramapo College. During his 22-year career at Glebar, he has worked in Service, Research and Development, and sales. Sean was instrumental in developing grinding processes for many new opportunities and will continue to develop product improvements with our customers. In his free time, Sean enjoys playing and collecting guitars.  Email Sean at


Jean Gatti
Office Manager / Customer Service (Parts)
201-644-9902 (Parts Hotline) or 201-644-2023 (Direct)

Jean Gatti is the Office Manager/Customer Service Parts Representative and has been with Glebar since 1995. Jean is responsible not only for accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales, customer service and corresponding with clients, but also manages all Human Resource and office operations. Prior to joining Glebar, Jean owned and operated several home furnishing and accessories stores. After closing the stores, she held a position as Operations Manager of a retail management company, responsible for security and safety in retail stores throughout the United States. Jean studied at Montclair University and the NY School of Interior Design. Jean enjoys baking and cooking and is fluent in Italian.


Marta Haedo
Customer Service Representative (Parts)
201-644-9902 (Parts Hotline) or 201-644-2022 (Direct)

Marta Haedo is a Customer Service/Inside Parts Sales Representative and has been with Glebar since 1999.  Prior to Glebar, she was working in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the O.A.S., (Organization of American States) touristic program.  Over her 18 years at Glebar, Marta has worked as Office Manager's assistant. She enjoys her family, reading and cooking.