Lights-out capabilities

Our systems can be fitted with robots, gantries, cleaning and drying stations and vision- or laser-based inspection systems, providing a virtually hands-off, turnkey solution for high production grinding applications – all of this done on a smaller footprint than our competitors. We customize our touch screen HMI software based on the customer’s needs, providing a simple user interface which is extremely intuitive and requires very little training to operate.

OPC Interfacing  | Robotics  |  Laser and Contact Gauging  |  Parts Staging and Inspection  |  Part Pick and Place  | Bowl, Step and Conveyor Feeding  |  Packaging  |  MORE

Since its founding in 1952, Glebar has been at the forefront of optimizing processes to drive the highest levels of efficiency and quality for its customers. Built from modular machine platforms, the company has nearly 2,000 machines installed across the globe, each uniquely configured to meet customers’ specific needs and applications.  You can download a PDF of our capabilities here.