Optimizing Manufacturing Means More Than Replacing Old Machines.

In 1952, Miner Gleason and Robert Barhorst founded Glebar Company, manufacturers of centerless grinders, located in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Their claim to fame in the fifties was the introduction of the first compact centerless plunge grinder. Today, the company still innovates and manufactures high precision centerless grinding solutions with a small footprint – still in the United States – still in New Jersey. The company serves the medical, automotive, aerospace and consumer goods markets, building machines that grind and gauge high precision parts ranging from lightweight aerospace fasteners to micron-thin medical guidewires and arthroscopic shaver components.

“We are constantly working to set new industry standards with our automation capability and integration of our processes into our offerings,” says Glebar CEO Adam Cook. “Engineers need to work smarter and harder to stay ahead of the curve and our innovations are designed to help them reach these goals … Every day at our Ramsey, NJ facility, our talented team continues to rise to the challenge to manufacture our innovation.”

Automation & Process Optimization

Since Gleason and Barhorst founded the company, Glebar has been at the forefront of optimizing processes to drive the highest levels of efficiency and quality for its customers. Built from standard modular machine platforms, the company has nearly 2,000 machines installed across the globe, each uniquely configured to meet customers’ specific needs and applications  “[Our] solutions are not only about replacing old machines with new ones, it’s about enhancing processes to help customers achieve their goals,” says President John Bannayan.

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