Glebar ISO Certificate

Glebar Company, which has used OPC on  its machines for many years, is now implementing the MTConnect® standard to allow its customers the ability to achieve a complete digital integration of their factory floor to further improve their operational efficiency using the Industrial IoT.

MTConnect is an open, royalty-free manufacturing communications protocol that fosters greater interoperability between manufacturing devices and software from different suppliers.

The MTConnect standard provides connectivity and the capability to monitor and then harvest data from the entire production floor: machines, cells, devices, and processes. The standard makes this possible, because it’s based on XML and HTTP Internet technology for real-time data sharing. Manufacturers can then use that real-time manufacturing data to improve overall productivity and agility along with responsiveness to customer and market changes.

When serving as a complete communications standard, this networking platform assists factories in calculating overall equipment efficiency, monitoring all equipment from one system, reducing production losses and identifying lean manufacturing strategies.






GT-610 CNC Precision Infeed/Thrufeed Grinding System


CAM.2 Micro Grinding System