Glebar's Tridex CS1-E Featured on MMS Mexico

Glebar's Tridex CS1-E Burr-Free Electrochemical Cutoff Machine was featured on Modern Machine Shop Mexico's website. 

The CS1-E features superb accuracy and multiple bar cutting using very low cutting forces making it ideal for tubing and heat-sensitive alloys. It provides fast, and clean, burr-free cuts. This cutoff machine was designed for cutting zirconia tubes. These tubes are used for cladding, which protects nuclear fuel rods from corroding when exposed to the coolant. Using the CS1-E Electrochemical Burr-Free Cutoff Machine to cut zirconium tubes saves time and is safer compared to cutting with carbide tools which wear quickly posing a safety risk. For more details, be sure to read the case study and visit the CS1-E machine page.

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