Maintenance and Service

Technical Services Overview

Glebar's Technical Services Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 201-644-9908 (for both domestic and international customers) or by emailing

Constantly innovating, researching and developing, our team is focused on the total customer experience, maximizing machine uptime and your return on investment, and fine-tuning your processes.

  • We: Create, field, and track technical support cases
  • Act on customer concerns
  • Manage and prioritize repairs
  • Provide field service
  • Offer training services in-house, on location, and/or via the web
  • Commission machines
  • Translate customer comments into marketable technology
  • Reduce customer downtime by streamlining troubleshooting
  • Are expanding support infrastructure in major markets - Asia, Europe, South America, and Central America
  • Offer Service Contract Plans


Glebar offers flexible, customizable training programs tailored to your needs. Programs can cover:

  • Glebar Company
  • History of centerless grinding
  • Grinding theory
Overview of Equipment
  • Construction of equipment
  • Operation of critical assemblies
  • Operation of auxiliary equipment, such as feeders and filtration systems
Process Evalution
  • Address customer production expectations and determine tooling efficiency
  • Evaluate current process and recommend improvements
Preventative Maintenance
  • Review maintenance procedures to enhance equipment efficiency, quality, overall performance, and longevity
  • Test trainees on all aspects of machine setup and operation for Glebar Certification
  • Certification guarantees trainee proficiency in equipment functions

Field Service

Glebar technical service members are ready to respond to your needs worldwide. All of our technicians are trained in various disciplines and on all of our machines. These team members know the importance of keeping machines up and running, and the speed and efficiency modern manufacturing requires. You can reach a Glebar technician at any time to schedule a service call, find a solution to your problem, or have your questions answered.


Glebar’s team is ready to help apply our technology and experience into your real world solutions. Constantly pushing, researching, and developing, Glebar consistently innovates in all industries. Contact Glebar today to learn how Glebar centerless grinding and automation innovations can be applied to your industry.

Service Contracts

Glebar recognizes that modern manufacturing requires a reaction time faster than ever. We provide our customers with service plans that allow them to focus on manufacturing and innovation, not the equipment.

We offer many plan levels that incorporate services applicable to a large range of industries. We also offer in-house capabilities. Whether you are looking to even out costs, protect your capital investment, reduce labor costs, streamline troubleshooting, or simply increase up-time, Glebar has a plan to fit your needs.

With one of our service plans, you can:
  • Reduce unpredictable costs associated with the downtime of equipment.
  • Develop a better understanding of customer concerns and market force.
  • Normalize costs associated with the maintenance of Glebar equipment.
  • Reduce the cost of parts and consumables.
Glebar service plans have many options and advantages, including:
  • Priority 24 hour / 7 day support
  • Utilization of Glebar Advanced Analytics to quickly understand your machine utlilization, increase ROI and maximize uptime
  • A dedicated support team
  • Machine health checks
  • Periodic maintenance plans
  • Remote online support of new and legacy equipment
  • Discounts on consumables
  • Discounts on parts
  • Discounts on repairs
  • Full parts warranty for the first year of ownership of a machine and full coverage on parts thereafter with our top tier plan
  • Training refreshers
  • Process development
  • Customized customer portal
  • No-charge field service