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Glebar’s Sales Team is ready to assist and answer any questions you may have regarding your precision grinding needs. With over 65 years of collective industry-specific experience, our team members are experts in component analysis and finding the right solution. 


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Mark Bannayan
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mark Bannayan is our Vice President of Sales and Marketing and holds a BS degree in Economics from Northeastern University.  In his 20 years at Glebar, he has helped with production management and been a vital part of the Sales team, marketing our trade shows worldwide and leading our international sales.  Mark implemented ISO-9001 and got Glebar certified in 3 months.  Before Glebar, Mark was a part of the United Nation Development Program in the Middle East and was an Account Analyst for Boston Financial Data Services. 

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Anthony Pickering
Strategic Account Manager

Anthony Pickering is a Strategic Account Manager.  Anthony brings vast experience in Manufacturing Technology and Machine Solution Sales. Anthony brings a proven track record and high level of industry knowledge that will serve Glebar’s customer base very well. His engineering background and expertise of production machining, component analysis, and automation allows for a proactive consultative sales approach which offers our customers a true value proposition.  Anthony is based in Michigan. 

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Steve Plein
Strategic Account Manager

Steve Plein is our Strategic Account Manager, serving the southeastern part of the United States. Steve has 30+ years of experience in providing precision machining and automation solutions to manufacturing companies in several different industries, including life sciences, aerospace, automotive, and energy. He has completed numerous certificates and courses related to automation and manufacturing of machined components. He has a strong track record of improving process efficiency, performance, and delivering a solid return on investment.

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Bob Moraga
Strategic Account Manager

Bob Moraga is our Strategic Account Manager, covering the Western part of the United States and Mexico. He has 20+ years of experience in providing companies with machine tools for solutions in high performance machining operations. He is a Certified Machine Tools Sales Engineer and has extensive industry knowledge in aerospace, automotive, energy and life sciences. He also served as a machinist for 15 years, working across numerous equipment types, providing him exposure to numerous application types. Bob is a fluent Spanish speaker and has worked successfully in North, South, and Central America as well as Mexico.

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Kathleen Haddad
Sales Support Specialist

Kathleen Haddad is our Sales Support Specialist and has been with Glebar since 2015. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Montclair State University. During her time with Glebar, Kathleen has worn many hats working across the Accounting, Sales, and Marketing departments, supporting the CEO, VP of Sales and Marketing and CFO. She also manages all of the tradeshows and events for the company.

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