Q&A with John Curcio, Electrical Assembler

Q: How long have you been with the company? 

A: “I’ve been working at Glebar for five years. I like how we work together as a team. Within the assembly department, there is a specific order of operations. We’re a tight unit.”   


Q: What are three things you enjoy the most about your job? 

A: “I enjoy taking an electrical panel, bringing it from a blank panel to a fully wired panel – I take a lot of pride in how I dress wires – making them look clean. I also enjoy watching a new project in development and being a part of bringing it to life. Lastly, I like being able to help new colleagues.”   


Q: What’s your greatest challenge? 

A: “Meeting my own expectations, I’m never satisfied with staying with one level (plateauing) – I don’t want to be complacent. 


Q: How is the work environment at Glebar? 

A: At Glebar, there is a genuine group of guys in our department, some who have dedicated 15 or more years of their life to make sure these machines are up and running to full capacity for our customers. That comes from a sense of self pride and dedication to being a professional. It can be contagious; our name is on our work.” 


Q: What do you do during your downtime? 

A:  I enjoy playing, building and repairing guitars. I also enjoy spending time with my family (wife and two daughters), sports, going out to restaurants and consuming good food.