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High-Volume, High-Precision Centerless Grinding
GLEBAR COMPANY developed its GT-610 CNC centerless grinding machine to infeed grind as many as eight aerospace fasteners per cycle, with precision and accuracy, well beyond the output of potential of any other centerless grinder now available.

Teaming the GT-610 CNC with Glebar’s offline P4K measuring system is a true difference maker. Setting up eight parts per cycle is the same as setting up one part per cycle on this system. On older technology, setting up that many parts to run at once introduces too much room for operator error and takes way too long. The P4K allows for 100 percent inspection of each part: it scans all parts in a cycle (all stations) and feeds back diameter, including taper and radii, to correct wheel dress shape automatically and for the complete profile geometry. This is done in a matter of seconds, drastically reducing setup time and improving quality control.”

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