Welcome to Glebar's Blog: A Message from the President

Welcome to our first blog – a forum and place that I hope will explain Glebar as a company and a community of talented and dedicated employees who want to share their knowledge and experiences with you. Let’s start with some history…

Glebar was founded in 1952 in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey by Miner Gleason (the “gle”) and Robert Barhorst (the “bar”) as a manufacturer of centerless form grinding machines. That year, the first compact form grinder was brought to market shaping plastics into beads for cosmetic jewelry.  After the war, plastics were the futuristic high-tech material of the time and injection molding was in its infancy. In the 1960s, we adapted our form grinding technology to centerless grind billiard balls and golf ball cores (to this day, over 90 percent of all golf ball cores are produced on Glebar’s). We’ve come a long way in 65 years.

Our product portfolio has expanded to include OD grinders, double-disc grinders, automated infeed/thrufeed centerless grinders with SCARA and six-axis robot feeding systems, Micro grinding systems, wheel dressing machines, and metrology systems.

Glebar has designed and installed nearly 2,000 machines across the globe, each uniquely configured to meet customers’ specific application needs. From medical guidewires and aerospace fasteners to automotive and oil and gas, Glebar machines can precision grind hard-to-process components made from a wide range of materials including carbide, ceramic, composite, glass, metal, wood, plastic and rubber. We serve many markets, including medical, metals, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and energy (and mining). Still compact in footprint and process optimized, every machine is manufactured in the United States.

Manufacturing grinding and gauging machines is only a part of what Glebar does. Designing innovative turnkey grinding solutions, tailored to the customers’ specifications – is what essentially defines us. It’s what motivates us. We optimize processes to drive the highest levels of efficiency and quality for our customers. Glebar is not only about replacing old machines with new ones, we’re about elevating processes to help customers achieve their goals. Our modular platforms allow us the versatility to configure solutions beyond the grinding operation. Incorporating automation and custom software designed specifically for the application. We review pre- and post-processes, including inspection and data acquisition. Glebar is ready to apply our technology and 65 years of experience to provide holistic real-world solutions and our technical services and aftermarket parts & consumable teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Constantly pushing the envelope, researching, and developing methods to provide our customers the ability of doing more with less.

After operating for more than 60 years in Franklin Lakes, NJ we consolidated our three locations and moved to a much larger facility 20 minutes away in Ramsey in 2015. We felt that this move was imperative to better service our customers and accommodate the company’s recent growth and international expansion. Our current headquarters features eco-friendly features such as LED lighting, updated power systems, as well as world-class manufacturing and inspection equipment. The new facility, with its open layout, also enables the company to facilitate workflow throughout the building allowing us to more effectively implement a lean manufacturing mindset.

This is just a peek into the window for what Glebar has to offer. I thank you for taking the time to visit us. Please check back often, as we will use this blog as a vehicle for sharing our latest innovations and process solutions in centerless and other forms of grinding. I also invite you to further explore our website, which contains numerous case studies, videos and news articles for a deeper dive into machine systems and automation capabilities. A blog post can only say so much.

Until next time…  John Bannayan