Glebar and Tridex Technology to exhibit latest grinding solutions at MD&M West

Glebar is exhibiting at booth 2059 at MD&M West.

Glebar will be unveiling the CAM.3, our newest, fastest, and most innovative micro grinder to date, at the MD&M show in Anaheim this February. Visit us at booth 2059, and see the machine that will have the entire show buzzing! The CAM.3 is an excellent choice for medical guidewires, orthopedic parts, dental components, and small precision parts for various industries. 

Tridex Technology will be exhibiting with Glebar during MD&M West showcasing the CS-1 Burr Free Electrochemical Cutoff Machine. This machine can provide stress free, low force cutting with no burrs and no metallurgical damage such as recast, heat affected zone, burning, or work hardening. It is commonly used in applications where the material is thin, fragile, and heat sensitive such as stainless steel and nitinol tubes, needle pointing, and Trocar grinding.


Glebar has supplied the sports medicine industry for over 50 years. Athletes at all levels, professionals and weekend warriors alike, have had their injuries treated using medical devices that were manufactured using Glebar technology.

Our precision centerless grinding machines are used to manufacture bone pins, anchors, arthroscopic shavers and numerous other implants and instruments required in the surgical repair of sports injuries such as joint repairs, bone fractures, and torn soft tissue. Our centerless grinders consume minimal footprint in your factory and deliver precision product at high volumes and low cost.

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