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Challenge:  A tier one Medical OEM wanted to improve its existing in-house process for grinding Nitinol Tubing. The existing machine was an older thrufeed centerless grinder which had a narrow wheel. The narrow wheel required the operator to grind the part to size in multiple passes.


Glebar’s TF-9DHD Thrufeed Centerless Grinding System was selected to address this challenge. Fitted with a  8-5/8” (219mm) wide work wheel, a long V-track and auto-extractor, the six-foot tubes were able to achieve the stock removal in one pass. In addition, the longer wheel with a more gradual regulating wheel angle reduced the pressure on the tubing, therefore increasing the accuracy and maintain roundness.


• Cycle time was reduced to one pass; 1 part (six-foot tube) per minute.
• A 10-foot long V-track and roller extractor facilitated the thrufeed and extraction to be achieved in one pass.
• Stock removal of .005 was achieved in one pass.
• At the exit point, auto-gauge feedback was employed to measure diameter. That dimension is fed back to the machine to ensure that the +/- .0002 tolerance is achieved.


Micro Grinding Systems



The computer controlled TF-9DHD Infeed/Thrufeed Micro Grinder grinds both hard and soft materials, specializing in parts from 1” in diameter down to .002". The TF-9DHD is utilized to grind catheter, guidewires, pins, bushings, PTFE, plastics, ceramics and other engineered materials.