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Challenge: A tier one machine tool component manufacturer needed an in-house process to grind stainless steel shafts, used for Spring Lifters, automatically at a high volume, with a high degree of precision. The customer’s existing process was outsourced, resulting in a higher cost, in addition quality and consistency of the components post grinding was an issue.  The customer’s requirement was to have a large amount of stock removed while maintaining an 8Ra surface finish. 


Glebar’s lights-out GT-610 Thrufeed Centerless Grinding System was configured with a conveyor, two sensors (pre-feed/post-feed), laser gauge and enclosure for safety. At the customer’s request, Glebar worked with two other companies to integrate the GT-610G into their existing automation and superfinishing line. The versatility of the machine control and flexibility of Glebar’s engineers allowed the integration of the line to become a reality with little effort. 


• HMI controls allow one-touch start/stop operation and the use of inline gauging with measurement data to be sent back to the machine for automatic adjustment to compensate for any wheel wear.

• The parts line up into each other and travel down a conveyor as the first sensor initiates automatic feeding to the grinding system.  The stainless-steel parts are thrufed into the centerless grinding area.

• At the exit point, there is a laser gauge that inspects the parts for geometric accuracy and any defects. They then travel past the second sensor, which counts the parts for automatic dressing.

• The parts continue down the conveyor to be packaged. Stock removal of .021 was achieved in one pass with a diameter tolerance of .+/- .0002 and roundness in the 20 millionths range was reached.



Infeed/Thrufeed Centerless Grinding Machines



The GT-610 Automated Infeed/Thrufeed Centerless Grinding Machine can be custom fitted with automation. This system is the ideal option for when infeed applications do not require a CNC dresser and for the vast majority of thrufeed applications. The GT-610 excels at hard metals and composites, producing carbide blanks, spools, bushings, and engine components such as automotive fasteners and valve lifters.  It can also effectively size down metal bars.