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Challenge: Customer wants to decrease cycle time by taking this from a one-sided traditional surface grinding application requiring two operations to a single double end grinding application.


Glebar’s DD-7 Double Disc Grinder configured with a 10-inch wheel answered the challenge, resulting in a significant reduction of cycle time and cutting the set up time down by up to 70%. 50% is based on eliminating one set up completely and another 20% added for the simplicity of placing the part in the fixture and actuating the clamp versus setting up and ensuring squareness on both ends as required in a single side grinding operation.

  • 0.250" - 1.250" Diameter.
  • 1.125" - 6.00" Overall Length (OAL).
  • Headed and Non-Headed Part Designs.
  • Maintaining critical feature length from head to feature of part. 
  • Parallelism and Perpendicularity (Squareness) tolerances of .0005".
  • 0.003" - 0.005" stock removal per side in as little as 2 passes. 
  • Interchangeable tooling designs to facilitate grinding a very large selection of diameter and length configurations.
  • Fully enclosed with Coolant Filtration System
  • The DD-7 resulted in a significant reduction of cycle time and cutting the set up time down by up to 70%.


Double Disc Grinding Systems



The DD-7 is one of the most compact double disc grinding machines on the market. Designed for grinding small diameter components, it accurately controls their length and perpendicularity. The machine is capable of grinding many high-performance parts for a wide range of industries from medical and aerospace to automotive. The DD-7 can be configured in three fixturing modes, depending on the application, the shape of the part, and the degree of automation required.