CAM.2: Meeting Microgrinding Challenges

Industries such as medical and dental continue to design components with extremely small features. For example, medical guidewires...might call for threads, flats or multiple tapers to be ground on wire as long as 16 feet, but only 0.005-inch in diameter.

Glebar has developed a similar technique for microgrinding. The Ramsey, New Jersey, manufacturer of OD grinders, centerless grinders, double-disc grinders, and other grinding equipment and accessories offers the CAM.2 machine for grinding medical guidewires (often made of shape-memory alloys such as nickel titanium) and other small-diameter components. This microgrinding machine can accommodate workpiece stock as small as 0.005 inch in diameter and offers a minimum grinding diameter of 0.0005 inch. In addition to guidewires, the machine is well-suited for grinding other cylindrical parts that require tiny features, including dental posts that might call for tapers, threads and grooves.

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