Automated Centerless Grinding Doubles Production Output for Steel Tap Blanks

Published in Cutting Tool Engineering - December, 2018

Founded in 1952, New Jersey-based Glebar has designed and manufactured grinding machines for many different types of metal and other components, ranging from 60- to 80-HRC stainless parts to 0.002"-dia. titanium parts. For one application, an OEM of machine tooling equipment wished to increase output for steel tap blanks used to drill threaded holes as used in the machining and tooling industry.

The customer was previously using an old Cincinnati machine and was only able to manually grind one component at a time, due to lack of automation and other features. In addition to speeding up the throughput time, achieving the exact tolerances is vital in order for the component to create the proper threads.  


The fully automated GT-610 CNC infeed centerless grinder turnkey solution was chosen to address this challenge. The machine doubled the production output by grinding two parts-per-cycle. The GT-610 CNC’s combination of automated features, such as CNC wheel dressing, independent upper and lower servo slides, quick-change gripper gantry and custom software, allowed this to happen.

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