Aerospace Grinding Machines


Glebar offers centerless grinders and metrology equipment for aerospace applications ranging in materials from Inconel to titanium. Known for their versatility, ease of use, automation and gauging flexibility, Glebar machines grind aerospace and aerospace grade components such as fasteners, lifters, rods and composites. 

Select Aerospace Components Ground on a Glebar Machine.

Glebar Machines Commonly Used in the Aerospace Industry

GT‐610 CNC

Ideal for grinding components in the aerospace industry, this system excels in a high production environment using a high level of automation, significantly outperforming alternative processes. Configurable with pick/place gantries or six-axis robots, this machine ensures a hands-off, high production or frequent changeover operation with the assurance of automatic size compensation and 100% inspection – giving customers the capability of running millions of titanium fasteners per year, for example, (up to 8 pieces at a time) to micron precision. The machine can run up to 12,000 parts before the need to redress the wheel (on certain components). The in-line gauging system auto-corrects the wheel dress profile by station.


Reflective of other high-performance Glebar machines, the highly configurable and automated GT-610 is another viable option for high-volume aerospace industrial grinding production – able to be fitted with robots, pick-and-place gantries, cleaning and drying stations, laser inspection systems for a hands-off turnkey solution. Ideal for grinding applications that demand ultimate precision such as titanium, Inconel and/ or steel bars and rods, where the challenges of quality, cost control, lead time and cycle time are paramount.

GT-610 EZ

The GT-610 EZ is the newest addition to the GT Series Centerless Grinder suite. A lean version of the GT-610, the GT-610 EZ brings slide motion control to the operator at an affordable price point. Operating on a much smaller footprint than the competition, this system excels at thrufeed grinding hard materials such as steel, carbide, pcd inserts and technical ceramics. Slide positioning allows for precise diameter control on close-tolerance components. The machine is also capable of gauge feedback for even more precise diameter control.


The GT-610M is an affordable, compact, precision centerless thrufeed grinding system, originally designed and built for the machine shop, it can also be adapted to address aerospace component grinding challenges to produce parts such as titanium and/or steel rods. The GT-610M includes independent upper and lower slides, and a blade height ramp system for finite blade adjustment.


The DD-7 is one of the most compact double disc grinding machines on the market. Designed for grinding small diameter components, it accurately controls their length and perpendicularity. In a recent aerospace component case study, composite strip material (insulation) was successfully ground from spool to spool. The machine’s tractor feed extractor and 10” grinding wheels were instrumental in making this happen.


Glebar’s P4K inspection system is ideal choice for inspecting aerospace components in a high-volume production environment such as titanium fasteners. With the push of a button the software can profile the geometric shape and can automatically communicate production results, enabling the most basically skilled operator to measure complex dimensions. The system drastically reduces setup times by scanning all parts in a cycle (all stations) and feeding back diameter length & geometric position adjustments to correct the wheel dress shape automatically in a matter of seconds.


The Tridex MCS-12 Cutoff Machine features completely burr-free cutting, virtually eliminating the need for deburring or other corrective secondary operations and reducing scrap.


The CS1-A Precision Abrasive Cutoff machine from Tridex Technology features superb accuracy and multiple bar cutting for applications requiring tight tolerances in medical, aerospace, fasteners, and automotive industries. The Precision Abrasive cut leaves almost no burr on the bar or tubing.


The CS1-E Burr Free Electrochemical (ECG) Cutoff machine from Tridex Technology features completely burr free cutting and very low cutting forces ideal for tubing and heat sensitive alloys.


The CS1-EA Hybrid Burr Free Electrochemical and Precision Abrasive Cutoff Machine from Tridex Technology combines the best of the CS1-A Precision Abrasive and CS1-E Electrochemical Cutoff machines into one robust and compact design.


The SG-1645 Burr Free Electrochemical NC/CNC Surface Grinder from Tridex Technology provides burr free and low force cutting leaving no heat affected zones while cutting.


The SG-2060 Burr Free Electrochemical CNC Surface Grinder from Tridex Technology provides burr free and low force cutting leaving no heat affected zones while cutting. It has numerous applications across many materials and industries including medical device, automotive, and aerospace.