Ball Feeder

Designed for feeding balls from a hopper assembly, channeling them into singular stations on the plunge grinder.

Bowl Feeder

Designed to part specifications and integrated with machine controls. Custom feeding is available built to part specification.

Brake Dresser

Equipped with a diamond roll to dress both wheels.

Centerless Fixture

Enables the machine to run in centerless mode without the need for a regulating wheel or work rest insert. Together with the built in CNC dressing feature of the machine, part shapes up to 1.0" long may be plunged to size.

Contour Work Wheel Dressing Attachment with Storage Box

Includes dresser head assembly, Stylus checking system, slide assembly and platen which mounts on the back of the machine. This system enables the user to dress the grinding wheel while still mounted on the machine.


Built specific to the part, Glebar offers a variety of conveyors which move parts through the process seamlessly and quickly.

Eddy Current System

An electromagnetic testing method used in nondestructive testing (NDT) making use of electromagnetic induction to detect and characterize surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials.

Gantry Pick & Place

Built specific for the part, the gantry picks and places parts in the grind zone in one motion.

Grit Blaster

Parts can be sandblasted in-line with CAM.2’s positional accuracy, eliminating additional handling and a secondary operation.

In-Line Gauge

Diameter contact gauge mounted on exit side of the machine measures the ground part. Diameters at several points can be measured, used for size compensation, and compared against high and low user-defined limits. Contact measurement is unaffected by coolant.

Large Spool Feeder

Designed to draw and cut Nitinol and SLT material.

Laser Marking

Integrates laser marking process directly into the cell.  

Mist Collector

Collects and removes debri and dust from the work area.

Movable Work Rest Blade

Glebar’s patent pending controlled motorized work rest blade option adjusts the lateral position of the parts (when grinding), which is ideal when controlling a radius behind a fastener head, for example.

OD Fixture
Off-machine Wheel Balancing System

Comes with arbor, flange with four weights and stand. Balanced grinding wheels are critical for high precision parts.

On-machine Acoustic Emissions

Integrated acoustic emissions system for ease of setup.

On-machine Wheel Balancing System

A built-in automatic wheel balancing system dynamically adjusts and eliminates wheel vibration, producing superior surface finishes and improved wheel life. 

P4K Feedback Available

Available metrology device (P4K) which can serve as a closed-loop quality control device that feeds back diameter to the control system for automatic size compensation

Part Counter

Built specific for the part; integrated into the cell.

Post Process Gauging

Post grinding and cleaning, the data is collected, analyzed and fed back to the machine for automatic size compensation. Measurements are shown on a trend graph on the machine control.

Precision Singulation Segregation

System engineered and developed by Glebar to separate the incoming parts and inspect each part individually at a fast rate (as fast as 2 parts-per-second in a recent case study) after exiting the vibratory bowl as a continuous row of parts.

Pressure Washing System

Post grinding, system is integrated into the cell to pressure clean parts.

Programmable Part Extractor

High-speed with programmable positioning, allowing for the fast grinding of double-ended grinds and faster part extraction, reducing cycle time.

Programmable Side Feeder

Both Z and X axis of feeder have velocity and position control set on the machine touch screen.

Quick Change Gripper

For rapid changeover from one set of part holding grippers to a different set (i.e. 8 station to 5 station). The entire gripper assembly is easily disconnected, lifted out of the keyed mount, and then dropped into the next mount and reconnected.

Robot Pick & Place

Automatically picks parts from trays, loads into machine, unloads and places back to parts tray. Fully guarded and interlocked access doors. Robot arm incorporates two grippers for staging the loading and unloading during the grind cycle, reducing idle time.

Roller Outboard Support

Supports and facilitates the material rotation at the entry and exit sides of the grinding machine. Typically used in a thrufeed operation.

Setup Reduction Metrology Device (P4K)

Available setup reduction metrology device (P4K) which scans and provides feedback of the entire component geometry for all parts in a cycle to automatically correct the grinding wheel dress shape (correcting the wheel dress shape from any measurement device is patent-pending)

Spool Feeder

Provides the capability to grind nitinol wire directly off a spool. The feeder pulls and cuts wire to user determined length, and feeds it to the grinding machine.

Step Feeder

Integrates into cell, built specific for the part.

Straight-line Regulating Wheel Dresser

Available in manual and hydraulic version.

Template Tracing Regulating Wheel Dresser

Uses a formed template to dress shallow shapes into the regulating wheel.

Template Tracing Work Wheel Dresser

Uses a formed template to dress shallow shapes into the grinding wheel. An auto dress version of this dresser available.

Three-Stage Recirculating Coolant System

30 gallon capacity with two removable settling tanks centrifugal pump & filtration package

Vacuum Feeding System

10' (305 cm), 16' (500 cm) long wire/part loader and unloader interfaced to the machine control. Feeder will pick wires out of a bin, load them into machine, stage next part during grinding and unload finish part allowing hands-off machine operation.

Vertical Spindle

Designed to add horizontal grooves to parts, this high-speed sub-spindle attaches to the Work Wheel slide for easy positioning.

Wire Cutter

Uses bushings for a burr free cut. Cutting wire after grinding provides the capability of grinding multiple short parts out of one long wire in one feeding operation, reducing cycle time.

Wire Extractor

Pulls finished part out of grind zone using gripper mechanism and places it in receiving tray. This system is ideal for handling short parts and often used in conjunction with the Wire Cutter.

Wire Feeder

Wire loader and unloader interfaced to the machine control. Feeder will pick wires out of a bin, load them into machine, stage next part during grinding and unload finished part.

Wire Trays

Material staging trays for preground and finished ground wire